Come Learn With Me…

Now, I get it…

A Japanese movie with French Subtitles… Kinda understanding how special learners feel… I can read French and understand better than just hearing it, but not if it goes too quickly; my processing & decoding take way too long… Feeling like understanding is just out of reach… This happens for longer than I can handle. I give up. I quit.


A Journey Back in Time to First Snow of the season on Nov. 27, 2013…. I imagine this video shall become a series:) – created at

Crumb Vs. Crust

A Fun Warm-Up Game for Gym Class found on the Internet…. If somebody knows where this originated, please post below… I simply saved the screen capture for future use… and now, I will use it when I am next a Gym Teacher!

FEBRUARY 14, 2011
So…. three years ago there was some snow….

being here with us…

When children laugh and play they learn
Moms and dads do show concern
When Little One doesn’t take their turn.

Don’t worry, Dad. Don’t worry, Mom
Even if they’re on their bum
Those brains of theirs still do run

They will get there because we care:)


smoking kills fish

A Rude awakening

I awake-

Begrudgingly- As the acrid odor of your forbidden poisonous death stick wafts into my sleeping nostrils.
(Do you know how much you stink?)
(Of course you don’t. I haven’t told you.)


I gotta say, what’s very, VERY BAD for education in general, is very lucrative for supply teachers! – 87 unfilled elementary jobs in HWDSB on Friday… If nobody wants to come teach at your school, maybe you need to do something differently…

I feel bad for Liette and Steve… no wonder they are no longer involved; I’d run too:)  (I have no idea the story there, but, “Thank you for what you do, you two!”

No phone support for the vital service that hooks schools up with their support staff… Schools that are not getting these positions filled are probably noticing how vital we, the occasional teachers, really are in the smooth running of schools (a little tootin’ of thy own horn, every now and again, is healthy! – Do it!)


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